On Wednesday 23rd November, 3 foster carers from Aviemore and Team Manager Paul Gaffney headed into the SpeySound Radio Studio to help raise awareness of fostering and highlight the need for more foster carers to come forward to help young vulnerable children in care.

A day at SpeySound Radio

The carers discussed what made them consider becoming a foster carer. One carer, Gordon, was laid off and within the week his wife was also made redundant from her role. Gordon mentioned ‘A long time ago on TV I saw lots of children in developing countries in need of help, it was only when I looked into how I can help young people, I realised there was a need to help young people in my area and my interest in Fostering grew and grew!’ Gordon decided to contact Swiis to find out if he could become a foster carer, and after speaking with one of our Dundee Team members, Margaret, he knew this was the right move for them.

Fiona, a foster carer from Dundee spoke of when the young person in their care went to Australia for 4 weeks with them, it was a whirlwind trip and the young person is very much a part of the family.

Fiona had a good job prior to fostering, but she wanted to move on to something different, and decided to foster with Swiis and has not looked back since! Fiona stated ‘Fostering with Swiis is such a rewarding job, it has been so amazing to watch the young people grow!’

They all agreed it was a fantastic experience where there wasn’t just talk of fostering, the radio Dj chose wonderful music from The Proclaimers, Adele, and even a few Christmas tunes!

If you would like to find out more information about fostering with Swiis please call us on 0333 240 9049.