Our Fife team’s summer activities continued in August with an outing to Tentsmuir Forest near Tayport. Ten young people came along for a day full of fun and games.

A day of fun and laughter in the forest

On arriving, we went straight in to the first activity: ‘parachute games’. Each of the children had a place on the outside of the parachute and several different games were played. After the parachute games were finished, we played a game using tennis balls. The group formed a circle and had to pass a ball to each other. They had to remember who they had passed it to and who passed to them. Eventually, the number of balls increased from one to six which caused a bit of confusion. The children liked it though, and even although they dropped some of the balls, everyone was laughing and joining in.

After lunch, the next game was throwing large soft darts in to a hoop. The children were split in to two teams and had to throw the darts into the hoops to score. The result was a very exciting draw!

One staff member brought along two hammocks. The children were split into teams and allowed 10 minutes to see how they were set up. The teams then went into the forest and set up the hammocks for themselves. The children had to find two trees and put the hammocks up between them, then put a cover over the hammock. Some of the children found it was so comfortable they didn’t want to come out!

For the final part of the session, the older children were paired off with a younger one. The older child was blindfolded, relying on the younger child who had to guide them round a course. At the end of the course, the children were asked to jump with the pretence of being on a small ledge. However, when they jumped they were actually on the same level. Some of the children were happy it was at the same level and others disappointed that there was no ledge. The children all had fun though and everyone was laughing and joining in.

Everyone had a fantastic day out, full of fun and laughter. It was great to see the young people learning new skills and working together in teams – all while enjoying themselves.

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