We have said a fond farewell to Marion Geddes, who is retiring from Swiis after a hugely successful career with us.

A fond farewell to Marion

Marion was the inspiration in setting up the Swiis Foster Care Permanence team over seven years ago, and has offered fantastic support and guidance to countless carers over that period.

Staff and carers were there to enjoy a high tea and wish her well. The afternoon was lovely and relaxed with plenty of chat, pictures of families being shared, and of course food! Marion received many cards, bouquets of flowers, and a lovely garden bench for her to sit with a glass of Prosecco and contemplate her next holiday!

Alan Bryson-Sword made a speech, thanking Marion for finding them the perfect match for their family. Alan’s foster son has been given a place at university to study music – a wonderful achievement for him.

Marion commented: “I am proud of what we have achieved. We have built a strong committed team of workers, who keep the child’s needs at the centre of everything we do. We have recruited and supported a fantastic group of foster families, who are genuinely changing children’s lives – offering them a secure and a real opportunity to achieve their potential. It is important that children have robust, committed carers, with the stamina and resilience to keep going through the difficult times – carers who are there for the long haul. Most of all, I am proud of our children, who overcome so many challenges in life and are some of the strongest, bravest and most inspiring young people I have ever met.”

You will be greatly missed Marion, and we wish you the best for the next stage in your life!