It’s so important for young people to get outdoors, have fun with others and enjoy themselves – it can be a massive boost to their wellbeing.

A fun day out at the farm

As part of the Fife team’s summer activities, we took 14 children along with five carers to have a fun day out at Muddy Boots Farm near Fife. The weather was very favourable on the day which allowed everyone to enjoy the outdoor activities. Everyone brought a packed lunch on the day so that they could bring their favourite food with them.

Everyone had fun playing on the jumping pillows, and even some of the parents and carers joined in and had a go on them, ‘supposedly to support the young people’. There was also sand surrounding the jumping pillows where some of the children built sand castles.

The children were also able to play on the small racing track which had 3-wheeler bicycles, racing each other to see who was fastest! For the younger ones, there was an indoor soft play area.

One or two of the children did get a bit adventurous and tried the grass sledging. They liked it so much they tried it more than once!

When it was time to go home some of the children who were building sand castles did not want to leave as they were enjoying themselves so much.

Seeing the young people smiling and laughing is always a great thing to see. We are looking forward to our next day out where we will hopefully have even more smiles and laughter.

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