An important part of Swiis Foster Care’s ethos is the need for good communication. This happens in many shapes and forms, whether it is with everyday conversations, meetings, e-mail or by telephone.

A Lesson in Scottish for our IT Team

Our world is fast changing, where people want things sooner rather than later and are impatient to get things done.

To help keep up with this kind of demand, our fantastic IT team in London have put together a new communication package whereby all of the above is possible in a faster, reliable and most importantly in the current financial climate, cheaper!

Three of the very talented IT team, Sam, Peyush and Stephen made the trip north to Scotland to make the big switchover from our old phone system to Skype for Business.

However, one thing the boys forgot to bring with them on their trip to Scotland, was an interpreter. It was bad enough in the Fife and Glasgow offices, but the looks on their faces when they tried to make sense of the Dundee dialect was priceless!

Overcoming this language barrier seemed to be the biggest hurdle they had to face because as usual the IT teams’ expertise made the switchover as quick and as simple as possible and it wasn’t long before the boys had returned to London to solve all the issues that all our teams in Swiis inundate them with daily.

A big thank you from our teams in Scotland to Sam, Peyush, Stephen and everyone else in IT that helped with this switchover. They help keep Swiis running on a daily basis and are an immensely important part of the Swiis team. What would we do without you all.

Haste ye back.

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