We’ve had some lovely news at Swiis Scotland – a new arrival to the team!


A New Arrival for Kreisha



Kreisha, a Resource Worker in the Dunfermline Permanence Team, had a lovely send off to her maternity leave on the 12th January. Her team arranged a baby shower, with lunch, baby cakes, fun and games. Kreisha thought she would have a few weeks to put her feet up and rest before her baby arrived. However, Baby Hope had a totally different idea and to Kreisha’ s surprise, Hope, arrived on the 17th January, almost 4 weeks early.

Gorgeous baby Hope arrived healthy, weighing 5lbs 8oz and with lovely dark hair. Kreisha and her husband Paul are settling in to parenthood and loving their tiny bundle of cuteness.

Huge congratulations to Kreisha and Paul on their new arrival!