Our Scottish service has much to celebrate this month with several ‘firsts’ being achieved! For the first time ever we are providing a service to 225 young people – 215 on a full-time basis with an additional 10 children joining us for regular short breaks!

We have received our draft inspection report and it is extremely positive with us achieving an overall rating of 5 – Very good. We are graded in relation to three quality indicators: care & support; staffing; and leadership & management with each indicator consisting of several statements. Our grades have improved and we have achieved our first ever 6 (excellent) for statement 1.2 (We enable service users to make individual choices and ensure that every service user can be supported to achieve their potential).

The report concludes:

“Overall we found this service to be high performing across all of the Quality Themes. The service provided us with an impressive range of information to support the very good and excellent grades awarded and demonstrated excellent practice and outcomes for some children and young people in achieving their potential”.

The Scottish Government has partnered with people management specialists Investors in People Scotland to create a new accreditation framework: Investors in Young People, which seeks to reward and recognise employers who demonstrate excellence in recruiting and retaining Young People. Tom, our assessor was very impressed and has confirmed that we are now an accredited Investors in Young People organisation and he believes we are the first independent fostering agency to achieve this!

The way you celebrate the achievements of Young People is a clear strength as is your evaluation and continuous improvement strategies.

I also applaud how you recognise the talents and achievements of your Fostered Children and the Children who Foster by engaging them in a wide variety of business decisions, marketing material developments and through showcasing them at your Annual Conference.    

These are remarkable achievements and a reflection of the contribution that everyone makes, so well done us!

If this has inspired you to foster, please get in contact with us by sending us an enquiry, or by phoning us on 0333 240 9049.