Each year, the Swiis Fife fostering Team nominate a charity they want to support. This year, they have been supporting the Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline – Fife Link. This local cause provides a valuable experience for many children living within the Chernobyl disaster affected zone. The group bring children from Chernobyl over to Scotland and local groups and organisation host days out for them.

Battle of Bannockburn Visit for Chernobyl Children

As part of our support to the charity, Swiis Foster Care Scotland arranged a trip to the Battle of Bannockburn for the group. Fife Education Adviser, Kenney Ramage tells us more.

“The session started with the young people meeting Resource Worker, Allan Thomson and myself at the Fife Swiis office, ready to board the mini bus for Bannockburn. When we got to the centre, I led the group on a visit to the large statue and flag pole, where it was believed that the Scottish army camped the night before the battle. It was then time to head inside for the 3D visitor experience, where the young people were amazed that they got to feel the weapons that may have been used as well.

“From there, it was onto the battle room, where the group played the part of the Scottish army. The young people, despite not speaking English, quickly understood the instructions they had to give to the games master to take victory. They went on to defeat the English, using various battle tactics to move their armies across the battlefield to attack the opposing armies. At least we won again after our loss on our last visit to the Battle of Bannockburn!

“Next we headed to causewayhead park where the young people played football with some local children while we waited for our pizza. After lunch, we stopped off for some award-winning ice cream at Orlandis in Alloa, which everyone enjoyed!

“When we arrived back at the office, Fife Team Manager, Louise Findlay, and the rest of the team surprised the young people with bags filled with clothes, toiletries and some toys for the children to take back home. The Fife and Permanence teams had collected and donated money to make the bags for the young people. They loved the gifts and thanked the staff for a wonderful day out.”

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