On the 23rd and 24th June 1314, Robert the Bruce faced King Edward II at Bannockburn, near Stirling. The Scots army was outnumbered almost three to one. Edward had more than 2000 battle-hardened knights to Bruce’s 500 horsemen. A mere 6000 Scots foot soldiers faced Edward’s force of 16,000 infantries.

Battle of Bannockburn

Swiis Dundee decided to join the battle and the 12 Swiis troops and their 3 commanders set off from the Swiis Garrison in their 200 horsepower transport to the battle ground in Stirling.

Fortunately for us the battle finished years ago so the only thing we had to fight for was our position in the queue to get in.

Once our troops were in we were immediately surrounded… by three 20 feet 3D screens that helped recreate the actual battle of Bannockburn.  We then all had a chance to wear the battle gear and hold the weapons that the troops donned back in 1314. We then charged forward into a real battle with the Sassenachs, this time on an interactive battle ground were we had a chance to position the armies in a bid to capture Stirling Castle.

After a hard fought battle, we retreated to have some lunch before our battle weary troops made the long journey home. This was a sweet victory for our young people with cries of “awesome”, “fantastic” and “can we get a McDonalds on the way home?”.

This was a day to remember and all involved said they would come back to fight another day.


Commander of Swiis Garrison Dundee

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