As part of the Celebration of The Fostering Network’s sons and daughter’s month the Fife team wanted to mark our amazing young people who share their home, their parents and their lives with others. We recognise these young people as playing a dynamic role and are a key component of a successful placement.

Celebrating our Sons and Daughters in Fife!

It was, therefore important for the Fife team that we shared how extremely grateful we are to these young people, and that during this special month that we would thank them, for well just being ‘them’.

The question was, how to best say thank you to individuals that do so much for others. After long deliberations and the whole Fife team putting their heads together, to think of a special treat to mark this month, we had a eureka moment!

What better way to say thank you than through chocolate?! Everybody likes chocolate, but not just a box of chocolates, our young people deserved something more…

So on a Thursday afternoon during the October break, a group of fostering young people will be taken on a journey of sweetness and discovery, yummy! They will discover the history of chocolate, make their own chocolate creations and be treated to the most amazing relaxing chocolatey face mask, the challenge, to not lick your own face.

We are hoping this day will prove to be a huge success and a gooey treat for everyone.

Look out for pictures of the day in our next blog, coming soon!

@fosteringnet #ProudToFoster

If this has inspired you to foster, please get in contact with us by sending us an enquiry, or by phoning us on 0333 240 9049.