Swiis Foster Care Dundee were recently involved in a ‘Challenge to Change’ event at Monifieth High, a local school. The half-day event was aimed at helping to address challenging and potentially anti-social behaviour with S2 pupils in the school, and to encourage young people to challenge behaviour that is unacceptable in themselves and their peers. There was a multi-agency presence with representatives from Police Scotland and the Anti-Social Behaviour Team, Woman’s Aid and the Tayside Council on Alcohol.

‘Challenge to Change’ at Monifieth High School

Swiis were approached to take part in the day due to the strong relationship we have with the school. We have implemented support with some children who attend the school and they have been looked after by Swiis.

Resource Worker, Karyn Brady, delivered workshops to the S2 pupils looking at:

Friendships: what makes a good friend and when does banter become bullying?

Peer pressure: what it looks like and how to protect yourself from it.

Responsibility and the need for making positive individual choices.

The workshops were delivered to 120 pupils and feedback from the day was glowing. The pupils engaged constructively throughout the day and with the support of the agencies and staff, were given the platform to be reflective of both their past and future behaviours as well as the choices they make.

We are proud to have supported the young people’s ‘Challenge to Change’.

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