The children of foster carers play a vital role in the fostering process. Our ‘Children who Foster’ group in Dundee decided they wanted to share their experiences with others and thought what better way to do that, than to film their thoughts, feelings and experiences to form a short film.

Children who foster share their experiences

Working tirelessly, they all showed great teamwork, commitment and effort in providing ideas for what they would like to include. The honesty, openness, and willingness to share from the children was something that they should be really proud of.

With the help of a foster carer’s older son, Ross – once part of the ‘Children who Foster’ group himself – we managed to get all the ideas captured on film. Ross shared his knowledge of technology with us and dedicated his spare time to filming, editing, and tweaking what we came up with. Thank you Ross!

The video was great fun to make and the bloopers that we also captured gave us some laughs. We had a special movie screening with all of the family members to show them our creation. The feedback was very positive and they all said how much they enjoyed hearing about fostering from a different perspective.

We hope that our efforts will help others to understand how fostering has transformed our lives.

If this has inspired you to foster, please get in contact with us by sending us an enquiry, or by phoning us on 0333 240 9049.