In the ethos of volunteering and community partnership, the Swiis Fife team joined the Alloa and District Round Table on a dreich 12th December 2017 to bring some festive spirit. With headband antlers donned, giggles, laughs and music, we welcomed a 500-strong group of older people to enjoy a festive ‘Christmas Extravaganza’.

Christmas Extravaganza in Fife

An annual event by the Alloa and District Round Table, the ‘Christmas Extravaganza’ is a highlight for some older adults, group homes and pensioner groups.

As we got ready to start, there was a constant flurry of hats, scarves, walking sticks and gloves as everyone excitedly came in. The Fife deer’s conscientiously supported people to find friends, get the right seat (they always sit there) (these seats are best for getting up to dance) escort others to their seats and offer a listening ear to others.

Suddenly the Town Hall was transported into a pantomime – ‘no it wasn’t, oh yes it very much was’. Our very own dame, Education Worker, Kenney Ramage, took to the stage as ‘Widow Ramage’. Kenny was resplendent in an evening gown, wig and lots of sparkle. As the compere, Kenney warmed and wowed the crowd ready for Sunnyside Primary School, Neil Diamond, a Johnny Cash tribute act and a comedian.

Dancing and merriment was the recipe for the day as the Fife deer’s ran around handing out steak pies and ice cream (500 pies, tubs and spoons to be exact!) Our next job was the raffle, a very important job ensuring tickets were sold and that prizes were handed to the ‘right’ people (apparently last year lots of folk made a mistake with the colour of their tickets!!).

It was a fantastic event with the 500-strong crowd enjoying every minute of laughs, dancing, heckling and taking part. We recognise that Christmas can be a very lonely and emotive time for older adults and feel that we provided a real bit of festive cheer, but also advertised Swiis positively in the community.

Happy Christmas to everyone from the Swiis Foster Care Fife team.

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