On Thursday 12th April, three of our Dundee young people kicked off their day with a visit to the local community hub in Aviemore. Here, Fraser Morrison from the Youth Development Team at Aviemore delivered a session on cyber-safety. The group discussed important issues such as cyberbullying and how to keep yourself safe and secure online. The young people put their learning to the test with interactive quiz’s and did very well indeed, showing how much they had learned during the session!

Cyber-Safety and Archery Sessions



The afternoon saw staff and young people take on the task of being the next Robin Hood or Katniss Everdeen by taking part in an archery lesson. Although getting a bullseye was the aim of the game, some of us seemed more skilled at aiming the arrows at the clouds! Nevertheless, great fun was had by all.

Thank you to those that attended, we had a great day learning about cyber-safety and the art of archery!

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