On a cold, wintery, but fair, Sunday morning, there was a new excited buzz in the air at the Swiis office in Dunfermline. Sounds and smells penetrated the office along with the hum of Christmas tunes.

Dunfermline Christmas Fair 2016

What was happening we hear you ask, the Fife Christmas fair of course. This year was a shining and amazing example of the ability of our team of crafty folk – young people, foster carers and staff who all made it a roaring success. Lots of glueing, sewing, mixing, collecting, hammering and decorating had all been going on behind the scenes, to produce an assortment of wonderful things to buy, eat and make.

The smell of fresh coffee and waffles from the outdoor van was amazing and many children (even some adults!) had a chocolatey smile by the end of the fair. Seeing people leave with arms full of raindeers was an unusual (perhaps even surreal!) sight, but no one could resist the little guys, either made to order or as a kit and made on the day under the supervision of our very own Christmas woodsman. So, from sea glass frames to cork deer’s and homemade sweets; sand art, candles, tablet (to die for!), children’s clothing, dolls to jewellery and cosmetics, the office became a wonderful Christmas market and built on the success of last year. And with prices which were affordable for every pocket.

The tombola profits are being donated to a homeless charity and the proceeds currently standing at an amazing £394 (and still rising) will be used by the carers support group for activities.

So make our Christmas fair a regular in your diary and please drop in next year to truly be amazed at the craftspeople who we have in our carer and Staff pool. They have outdone themselves this year and we are so very proud of them all.

If this has inspired you to foster, please get in contact with us by sending us an enquiry, or by phoning us on 0333 240 9049.