On the 14th of April, an Easter egg hunt combined with a mountain bike day was held at Lochore Meadows Country Park. The event was scheduled from 10.00am until 13.00 hours and the planned activities for the day were Easter egg hunt, bike safety, bike skills.

Two Swiis resource workers lead the activity supported by a carer. Some of the young people brought along their own bikes and safety equipment. The young people who did not have their own equipment were able to access equipment at Lochore Sports Centre.

On arriving, the first thing was to get bikes and helmets for those who needed them and then a safety check was carried out on the bikes. The bikes tested by the kids to make sure they were happy with them. Before setting off a discussion was held with the kids and staff to outline the days itinerary. This was changed slightly from the original plan as it was overcast and a little on the cool side.

The group set off cycling round the loch first of all with everyone making it all the way round with no problems and warming up at the same time. On the way round a bit of competition was already seen as some of the boys were racing each other round trying to be first back.

On returning to the start point it was agreed with the kids to move on and do the Easter egg hunt next so the group moved over to a tree line and where photo’s of 50 Easter eggs had been hidden in the small wooded area. The children then went in search of the eggs and eventually found them all by counting how many each person had collected.

After the eggs had all been collected we moved over to the grass area next to the bike skills track to have some fun on the bikes. A circle was laid out on the grass using cones and the children had to weave in and out of the cones and not put their feet down on the ground. After the first round was successfully completed more cones were added to make the distance between the cones shorter. Cones were placed at the top end of the grass area and the staff raced the children to the top and back: of course the kids won!!

Next we all moved to the skills track where everyone attempted to go round the skills track which was a combination of rocks, drops and wooden tracks built off the ground. Several of the children after several attempts managed to completely go round all of the track and were very happy they had managed to complete the skills track and stay on their bikes. At the end of the session all the children attending had said they enjoyed the session and would like to do it again.

In time honoured fashion with it being Easter, along came the Easter bunny ( actually a resource worker ) and gave the children several packets of mini eggs as thank you for attending the activity and for having such a good time.

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