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These are just some of the most commonly asked questions, but we are sure that you will have lots more. Getting in touch is easy: either pick up the phone or send us your question through our website and we

How will fostering affect my own children?

There are advantages and disadvantages for children of families who foster. We would expect you to discuss these at length with them and they will also be able to talk to a Swiis social worker as part of the assessment

Do I need a driving license?

Whilst we don’t insist that all carers are able to drive, the reality is that it is extremely difficult to do the job if you don’t have access to a car. There are meetings to attend and children often need

Can you foster if you have a long-term health condition?

Your health will be considered when applying to foster and any long-term conditions taken into account. The most important factor is whether you are physically and psychologically fit enough to cope with the demands of caring for a child –

Can I still work and be a foster carer?

As a foster carer, either as a couple or a single carer, someone must be available for the child or young person at all times. We therefore accept that the main carer can work as long as they have total

Am I too young/old to foster?

You will need to be over 21 years old before you can apply to foster with Swiis. There is no upper age limit in relation to fostering. We will carry out regular checks (including medical) to determine your ability to