The school holidays are a great opportunity for our children and young people to try new activities. In Scotland, we arrange a number of day trips to allow our young people to interact with each other and have a great day out. Fife Education Worker, Kenney Ramage tells us about their first summer activity.

Fife Pirate Day – Ahoy there matey!

“Young people from both the Fife foster care team and the Permanence fostering team attended the first of this year’s activity days; the Pirate Day at Lochore Meadows. The day involved our children and young people listening to a local story teller, Kate Walker who told tales of local pirates on the River Forth. Inspired by their talk, they then painted and designed their own pirate flags.

In the afternoon, the children and young people took to the water on two canoe boats for a game of battleships. The aim of the game was to try and capture the opposing team’s flag. The winning team was my team, and the crew of ‘Captain Kenney’s’ boat were crowned the winners. Once we were crowned winners, the children and young people were jumping out of the boats into the Loch. For some of them, it was the first time they had been out swimming in open water and they really enjoyed it. A great day for all involved!

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