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“I’m so glad I transferred. I’ve seen a real improvement in support and have more money to put towards my foster children”

Changing Your Foster Care Agency?

We know that the fostering agency you choose to work with is a hugely important decision. At Swiis, we welcome both new and experienced carers. We’re able to adapt our support to meet the needs of our carers whether they are taking their first steps into fostering or they have been working as a foster carer for a while.

We truly value our carers and ensure that we offer the support and guidance needed to enhance and progress your fostering skills, whatever stage you are at with your fostering career.

Swiis pay some of the highest fees within the industry as we fully appreciate the commitment, hard work and resolve of our foster carers. We commit to supporting them in every way to assist in the outcomes for the children and young people they have in placement.

Swiis offers flexible core training which all carers undertake at a place and time to suit them. Foster Carers are also offered specialist training which meets the requirements of some of our more challenging placements.

Our continued commitment to all carers and both our children and young people in placement is to ensure that our carers feel valued and supported and that the children and young people are provided with opportunities that they would not have otherwise had.

If you are looking to transfer fostering agency, Swiis will support you throughout the process and make the transition as quick and smooth as possible.

How is Swiis different?

We believe our foster carers deserve all the support we can possibly offer to ensure their placements are successful and they can make a truly positive difference to the children and young people they look after.

  • All of our Swiis offices have therapeutic and education specialists who work closely with carers to understand their child’s individual needs.
  • Our team of placement resource workers offer a combination of practical and emotional support and organise activities which offer fantastic socialising opportunities for both the children and our carers.
  • Swiis are also one of the most generous and competitive agencies in the market. We pay our foster carers extremely well because we recognise the exceptional value that they bring to the children’s lives.
  • We have contracts to provide specialist and standard placements on behalf of all Scottish Local Authorities, which means we are able to offer a much wider range of placement opportunities.

Find out more about the wide range of support and training and the Swiis foster allowance we provide to all our carers.

transfer fostering agency

The transfer process

If you would like to transfer to Swiis Foster Care, we would love to hear from you. We will need to discuss your individual circumstances with you over the phone and then we can handle everything from there. The fostering agency or Local Authority you are currently with are obliged to provide a range of information during the transfer, including access to your current file, which will provide us with the information we require to transfer you quickly and in a much less intrusive way than your first assessment. Swiis will ensure the process is as smooth as possible, coordinating everything for you. On average the transfer will take 4 months to complete.

What happens to children currently in your care

If you are looking to transfer and have children currently placed with you, a ‘protocol meeting’ will be arranged early in the assessment process to discuss the needs of those children and what services we will offer them. As a Preferred Provider with the majority of Local Authorities in the UK, we are likely to already be known to your child’s Local Authority and Social Worker.

How much can Swiis foster carers earn?

One Child

Up to

£540/ week

Swiis pays generous fostering allowances. Coupled with outstanding support for our carers, this allows us to play our part in transforming futures.

Equivalent of £28,080.
All of which is TAX FREE.

One Child
(Additional Needs)

Up to

£710/ week

You will be paid this fee if Swiis are able to place only one child who, due to additional needs, is required to be placed on their own with no other children.

Equivalent of £36,920.
All of which is TAX FREE.

Two Siblings

Up to

£1026/ week

Carers who are able to accommodate two siblings with standard needs. You must have two available bedrooms.

Equivalent of £53,352.
All of which is TAX FREE.

Two Unrelated

Up to

£1080/ week

Carers who are able to accommodate two unrelated children with standard needs. You must have two available bedrooms.

Equivalent of £56,150.
All of which is TAX FREE.

Parent and Child

Up to

£725/ week

Carers who undertake this placement will receive specialist training and support.

Equivalent of £37,700.
£37,640 is TAX FREE.

What happens next?

We would love you to join the Swiis family. If you would like to find out more about what Swiis can offer you and how the transfer process will work, please contact us to speak to one of our experienced fostering advisors in confidence.

Learn more about transferring to Swiis

Have a question about the Swiis service? Our foster care advisory team are just a click away.

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