Sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference to a child’s life. Our carers told us about the small (and big!) things which have transformed a child or looked after young person.

From Small Changes to Big Transformations

 “Giving our foster child the opportunity to have a friend over to play. He was bursting with pride to be able to show his friend his room, his home, his fish tank. We realised he had never had that before. It was a big step for him.”

“We currently have a young man in placement who is 18, but was only 9 when he arrived to live with us. Over the last 9 years, we have seen him turn from a very shy, timid little boy into a confident, intelligent young man who is starting university in September.”

“To see them thrive and do well, and many keep in touch.”

“When they tell you they have put your routines in place with their own kids.”

“‘I don’t sleep at night’ he said, but with routines and house rules he slept like a baby…”

“Just being there for the difficult times and giving a hug.”

“Seeing small changes in behaviours and attitudes is the start of a job well done.”

“Watching the transformation of an anxious youngster to a confident young man.”

“Seeing our little one we have with us now walk, talk and communicate with us. We were told these things were probably never going to happen due to his medical conditions.”

“When two siblings had been with us for three months and we slowly prepared them to return home to their Mum. She wrote in the Contact Book that she was so grateful for the care her girls had received with us and that we had made a HUGE difference to her ability to sort out her problems and get her life back in order, because she knew her girls were being taken care of.”

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For Foster Care Fortnight 2017 we’re celebrating not only how fostering transforms the lives of young people, but also the amazing foster carers who dedicate their lives to helping them.