A fun day was had at the Scottish Deer Centre in Cupar in a joint outing with the children and young people, and their foster carers from both our Permanence fostering and Fife foster care teams. Resource Worker Neil Pitcaithly, tells us all about their day out.

Fun at the Scottish Deer Centre

“Although winter appeared to have returned for the outing to the Scottish Deer Centre, the children and young people were oblivious to the elements and went on to have a great time. The children and young people started their day playing together and warming up on the climbing frame and chute, and ran around having great fun playing tig.

Once everyone had burnt off some energy, they all enjoyed getting to experience the deer. They all loved the responsibility of being able to get close to the deer, and feed them by hand. They were all so calm and patient around the deer.

After a quick snack to refuel, it was time for the bird of prey show. They all loved the show, especially when they watched a Harris Hawk catching food in mid-air.

After lunch we had a walk around the park with the ranger who educated the children and young people on the various breeds of deer they have in the park. As well as the deer, we also enjoyed seeing the otters and wolves. Sadly, the bear had gone back to bed due to the snowy weather returning.

Despite the poor weather, a fun and educational day was had by all. We look forward to our next team outing.”

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