Over the Easter break, the Swiis Foster Care Fife Team held a day out for Fife young people at the Glasgow Transport Museum, for everyone to see different modes of transport from the past.

Glasgow Transport Museum Visit



Seven children and young people, plus three members of Swiis staff went on the museum trip to Glasgow. For some of the young people, it was their first time getting to visit this museum and learn all about the history of Glasgow and transport. Two of the children were really looking forward to visiting the museum as they are petrol heads and have a great interest in cars. For one boy, he achieved one of his goals, which was to see one of the first Mini’s ever built, as he has a love for Mini cars, he was really excited to achieve a dream.

All the children and young people had a fantastic day, seeing everything from horse drawn carriages, to trains and boats. Through the different forms of transport, the children and young people could see what it was like to travel in days gone by. The young people enjoyed learning about past modes of transport and were able to advance their knowledge about how various modes of transport have developed from horse drawn carriages to modern day transport.

Another popular feature at the museum, was a mirror which distorted how the young people looked – they all thought that this was really fun.

Thank you to everyone that attended, we had a great day, and the Fife Team will look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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