On a humid day (in Scotland!) ten young people came together to get ‘Sparkly’. With a plethora of glitter, glue, sticks, stones, moss, make up and hair accessories the room was prepared to inspire and indulge the creative spirit.

Glitter, Glue & Goblin Villages - Dunfermline gets crafty!

The day began with the option of designing an individual fairy house, planning it and then collecting found objects to make the 3D models, which were all combined when finished to make an enchanted fairy/goblin village!

Some young people decided that they would draw instead, but the chat flowed, nibbles were consumed and everyone made new friends and reconnected with ‘pals’ that they had met before.

Lunch in a picnic style increased the chatter and laughter and showed what a good day everyone was having. Hair, Makeup, nails, henna and face paints ( for festival style designs) followed lunch, and everyone became involved.

It was a great day, with everyone keen to show off their creations, makeup and hair. Roll on the rest of the summer events, if this was anything to go by they will all be roaring successes.

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