By Sam Arnott, Director of Scotland

“I had the great pleasure and privilege to attend the movie premiere of “Hold My Hand” the film created by staff and young people along with a college student for next week’s conference.

Hold My Hand – Movie Premiere

“The night started with a red carpet flanked by 2 gold Oscar statuettes and strewn with gold stars depicting the stars names. Fans lined the walkway (held back by sturdy ropes) whilst the glamorous stars and their guests were photographed. The attendees were met with a glass of fizzy beverage and had to negotiate their way past the paparazzi to find their seat in the movie room where Louise welcomed everyone. Some laughter and tears were shed during the showing of the film with tremendous acting and set design skills being evidenced.

“Oscars were presented to the actresses, the set designers and Callum the director before lots of chat and excitement over a mouth-watering array of goodies so kindly prepared and donated by foster carers was consumed.

“Before home time everyone congregated together in the movie room where the girls were presented with rucksacks containing an array of toiletries, sweets and a purse whilst the boys got rucksacks containing lego and sweets. The rucksacks were very kindly donated by Cath Kidston and Toys R Us respectively and were extremely well received by the recipients. Indeed “Lego! Lego! I got lego!” is still ringing in my ears.”

Quotes from the evening include:

  • Is this what it’s like to be famous?
  • It’s just like being at a movie premiere. It’s amazing
  • It was great fun making the film.
  • I want to be an actress now.
  • It was brilliant.
  • The best bit was everyone working together, us all taking part.
  • It’s been the best fun.
  • I’ve made friends.
  • You’ve done fab. The red carpet, the fans, the paparazzi, the gifts, the food, the presents, the Oscars. Everything. Amazing.

Callum said “I’d like to thank the wonderful staff at Swiis and all of those involved in making the film. It’s been a totally unique experience for me. It is the first time I’ve worked independently. It has been exhausting, terrifying, wonderful and totally awe inspiring to see how hard everyone has worked and the way everyone has taken part. Thank you all for this opportunity.”

Join us on 17th June at the Vine Centre, Dunfermline to see the film for yourself at our annual conference.

If this has inspired you to foster, please get in contact with us by sending us an enquiry, or by phoning us on 0333 240 9049.