Fostering transforms lives – it’s always amazing to see children and young people achieving great things thanks to a loving and caring fostering environment.

"I can now stand confident and proud"

One of our looked after young people has written movingly about their experience, showing the powerful and positive difference that fostering can make to a life.


From dysfunctional beginnings and the prospect of no future, with the possibility of being separated from the only person I could trust and talk with at that time … my self-esteem was at rock bottom.

I was then placed with a Swiis Foster Carer, where my journey began.

I was diagnosed on the autistic spectrum, and my brother and I were placed with loving foster carers.

From that point on with the advice, help and support I received, my world changed. I can now stand confident and proud alongside my brother looking forward to a bright and successful future. I am now studying at university for a degree and feel that I have risen like a phoenix from the fire.

– MR –

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For Foster Care Fortnight 2017 we’re celebrating not only how fostering transforms the lives of young people, but also the amazing foster carers who dedicate their lives to helping them.