We were recently joined in our Swiis Dundee fostering office by Mable, a social work student from Dundee University. She had asked to come in to shadow some of our social workers and learn about the Scotland foster care system.

Inspiring student social work visit

At our development day, the tables were turned as she agreed to give us an enlightening insight into the system of childcare in Ghana for children requiring alternative care. This is delivered mainly through a system of orphanages. They are mostly privately run, and require charitable funding, and it is often an ongoing struggle to find adequate funds to continue with their work. Mable has experience of working in an orphanage within her home town and she hopes to return to Ghana, once qualified, in order to set up an orphanage herself.

Mable spoke about the level of support that they are able to offer as well as the cultural differences. She hopes to use her experience in Scotland studying social work to make a difference in her own country.

We felt privileged to hear about this from a clearly committed and impassioned young woman, and hope to be able to continue our links with her. Mable’s dad Eric was also visiting her in Dundee and joined her for the talk, giving us a very knowledgeable and insightful rundown of the situation and circumstances that they face at home.