Children of foster carers play an important role in the fostering process, and we believe it’s important to recognise the special role they play.

Jump around! Special workshop for Fife Children who Foster

Our Swiis Foster Care Fife team recently ran a special event for our Children who Foster, combining a workshop with a fun activity.

For the workshop, a member of Swiis staff spoke to the young people about the reasons why children are taken into care and how they end up in their new homes as foster children. We discussed the types of behaviours they may experience from these young people, and helped them consider the reasons for their reactions. The group listened really well, communicating their thoughts and feelings sensitively.

Once we had finished our discussions, our Children who Foster were treated to a trip to the Xtreme Trampoline Park in Glenrothes! All the young people joined in – along with one staff member – and tried out everything there, from the trampolines and basketball to the cushion jump and wall-walk.

All of the young people enjoyed their time at Xtreme – we’re already planning next year’s trip!

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