The Fife and Permanence Teams from our Dunfermline office tell us about a recent very interesting trip for our children and young people.

Learning About The Battle of Bannockburn



“The Fife and Permanence Teams from Dunfermline arranged a trip to the Bannockburn visitors centre, during the Easter holidays for seven young people, plus a carer and several staff from both teams. This educational trip was so we could all learn about the Battle of Bannockburn, which took place on the 24th of June 1314.

Part of the day involved a tour with a 3D element. Everybody was issued with their glasses and witnessed an enactment of several parts of the battle in 3D. We all found it amazing, especially as when arrows were fired, it was like they were firing at you.

As part of the centre, there were swords and chain mail on display, as well as examples of all the weapons used by both sides in the battle. Once we had finished looking at all the weapons, we went into the battle room, where a plan was laid out of the Bannockburn area. In there, a member of staff told everyone the story of the battle.

Next, it was battle time! Two children were chosen; one to be the Queen of England and one the King of Scotland. The room was split in to two to represent the Scottish army and the English army and battle commenced. On this occasion, the English won – although we should add that on a previous visit to Bannockburn, the Scottish won. Let’s see what happens next time!

The group all learned about the battle and could see what weapons were used at that time and how the battle was waged and how it was won on the day. It was a really educational, and enjoyable day for everyone.

To end the day, we stopped off at the Kelpies to see the equine sculptures and enjoy an ice-cream – the fact the weather was a little on the cool side didn’t stop our enjoyment.

Thank you to everyone who attended, it was a fantastic day!”

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