During my ten-day placement with Swiis, I covered a variety of different experiences while shadowing social workers. It has given me a greater understanding of what a social worker does and it was good to see all my theory in practice.

My amazing student placement with Swiis!It was interesting to see how carers dealt with the different issues that arose during supervision – not only experiencing the various approaches that were used, but also how the social workers supported their carers. I spent a whole day with the duty social worker seeing the procedure of a referral and how they match a child with a carer.

I found the Brain Development training day fascinating. I learned how to spot certain behaviours in children and understand where they came from. I also enjoyed sitting in on a fostering panel. As I had been shown the process of becoming a foster carer from the assessment social worker, it was good to see a happy outcome.

Overall, my placement with Swiis was amazing. All the staff made me feel so welcome, taking the time to explain their roles and answer all my questions. Every day gave me a different experience and I have left with much more knowledge and understanding of a social worker’s role. What I have learned in my time at Swiis will help me so much with the rest of my course.

Thank you to you all – I loved every amazing day of my placement.


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