It was that a young person was having difficulty in relating to her peers. There were concerns raised by the school that this was impacting on the young person’s education. Using the skills of the Swiis Education Worker it was suggested that she coordinate a 4 week circle time intervention with the young person and 4 of her peers.

This took place within the school setting and lasted an hour for each session.

  • Turn Taking
  • Self Confidence
  • Value of friendships ( Web Of Friendship)
  • Encompassed by fun activities

The particular young person found it difficult to work on a 1-1 and it was felt the group work would be more productive and meet her needs. This proved to be the case and the young person was able to engage not only with her peers but became confident in her communication skills.  The Swiis Education Worker gave the group tasks in between sessions which would be discussed at the beginning of following sessions which helped the young person understand mutual respect, patience and understanding with her peers which has ultimately supported her integrating into school life.

Feedback from the school has also been excellent with them maintaining they have noticed not only a vast improvement   with the young person in question but with those also involved in the group and would welcome further support from Swiis.

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