The Easter holidays is a fantastic opportunity for our children and young people to interact with each other via our participation days. This Easter, our Fife foster care office organised a trip to Play on Wheels at Pittencrieff Park in Dunfermline, on what happened to be a very cold and windy day. That didn’t stand in the way of anyone’s fun though.

Play on Wheels Easter Holiday Activity



Play on Wheels is a fantastic experience for young people to be creative and enjoy outdoor play. The children enjoyed free play with loose parts, which included wooden planks, blocks, tyres, sand and soapy water to make bubbles. This was a huge hit with the children and they enjoyed getting wet and chasing after the bubbles – even the foster carers enjoyed this!

While half the children were enjoying free play, others enjoyed walking and running around the plank circuit, pretending the sea was under the planks. They were trying to get away from the sharks and crocodiles in the water, showing great creativity in their play. As well as these activities, the children also enjoyed rolling balls and pouring water down used gutters into big buckets and trays.

The Fife children who took part in the Play on Wheels activity all had a great time exploring, running around outdoors getting wet and muddy. At the end of the day, the children all received a little chocolate Easter treat, which they were all very happy to receive. Thank you to our foster carers, children and young people who attended.

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