Seven children and 4 staff from the Glasgow fostering office had a lovely afternoon out exploring the woods and parkland around Pollock House. Although this is in the centre of Glasgow, it feels like you are out in the countryside. The children enjoyed collecting sticks, which fired their imaginations to invent games. They also found dens, saw squirrels, and tried to move a log which was bigger than them!

Most of the children love animals, and were polite and careful when petting the dogs we met (we always asked the owner’s permission first).

Nearer to Pollock House we saw the famous herd of Highland Cows. We were amazed to see two large black cows and two white calves, as well as the more common red ones.

We also saw a wedding party at Pollock House, and the children shouted ‘congratulations!’ to the bride and groom who were getting their photos taken.

The Clydesdale horses who were the models for the Kelpies at Falkirk live in the stables here, and we met them and their friends, even being brave enough to stroke their noses.

We could have spent much longer there, as there is so much to explore and see, and hopefully the children will return with their foster carers to show them what they found there.

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