A group of young people and Swiis staff had a day that will go down in history at the Battle of Bannockburn 3D Experience. The day out was part of our great programme of fun and active Easter activities.

Reliving the Battle of Bannockburn

The day started off by everyone taking their place on the battlefield – we stood face-to-face with fearless medieval warriors! We watched the two opposing kings – Robert the Bruce and Edward II – whose tactics in 1314 changed the path of Scotland’s history forever.

After this, the young people took part in an interactive battle game to see how well they would do. The result? A Scottish victory of course! This sent the young people away happy.

The day finished off with the young people dressing up in proper battlefield dress and holding some of the battlefield equipment.

A great day was had by all staff and young people involved. We place a strong emphasis on the promotion of education and the achievement of children and young people, and we are so proud of how much they got out of an experience like this.

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