On Friday the 30th November, Scott went along to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh for the Botanic Lights Festival along with the Fife foster care team’s education worker.

Royal Botanic Gardens - Botanic Lights Festival

Scott has entered the Tesco’s 2016 art competition and his theme for his entry is ‘Trees’. With this in mind, Scott suggested going along to the festival to get inspiration for his art piece after visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens recently and seeing the posters advertising the event.

When we arrived at 18:00hrs it was already very dark and slightly cold. With the promise of a warm chocolate drink at the end we set off along the dark track walking towards the lights which we could see off in the distance.

We could hear strange noises coming from below the foot bridge we were about the walk over. As we looked over the side we could see a fine mist of water was being sprayed around and a glow of blue light being shown through the mist making things look really cold and frosty.  Then suddenly the music changed and everything turned red and flames shot up into the cold night sky. Scott was very surprised by the sudden change and remarked how different all the trees looked at night with all the different colours of lights and how the colour of lights effected the way he feels, blue being cold and red being hot.

Scott’s favourite part was the Chinese garden with the flame and water dancing together in the fountain.

Scott and the education worker spent two hours at the festival watching various different installations and projections. There were even lights that shot up into the night sky when you shouted at them!

Along the walk ways there where small stalls selling mulled wine, and hot nuts as well as the normal café at the main gate for hot chocolate and cake. Scott said he would recommend this event for everyone to go along and take a walk through the Botanic’s at night.

The brilliant photograph above was taken by Scott.