Black Lives Matter

The Dundee Swiis– Black lives Matter online group have been meeting fortnightly since June 2020 to share research and discuss themes around structural inequality and racism. The BLM group was formed in 2013 but has been particularly prominent following recent events, most notably the death of George Floyd. We discuss the Black Lives Matter organisation, as a guide to our group; its aims, principles and its inclusivity in terms of feminism and LGBTQ+.

We have reflected upon current issues raised in the media, concerning White Privilege, identity, prejudice, inequality and political issues, alongside historical events with regards to the British history and its understanding and commemoration of public statues.

The group meets over lunchtime and since June 2020, we have read a number of authors from across the world, articles, TV programmes and films and we share our learning and reflections through this process.

Some individuals from the group attended the Black Lives Matter demonstration in Dundee in the Summer 2020 – where a number of speakers spoke about their own personal experiences of racism, through speeches, music and poems.

Josh Kilimanjaro, the first speaker, said: “Change starts here and as a generation we stand on the edge of what could be the biggest civil rights movement of our time. As the protests, rallies and marches rage worldwide we need to remember change starts at home and it starts in Dundee”