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At this time of year, it is harder for birds to find food, especially when it is cold and the ground is hard. It is a very important time as birds will be thinking about building up the fat content in their diet. This is important because they will need to be strong to build nests for their chicks to live in.

You can help by making simple bird feeders out of everyday items.

What you will need for the feeders…

Materials: Pinecones, Cookie moulds, inside of a toilet roll, string, fishing line or wool.
Ingredients for making bird food: Honey, peanut butter, powder gelatine (unflavoured),cornflour, bag of bird seed
Tools: Scissors

We will be online at 1pm on the 25th January. Just click the below link to join via GoTo Meeting.


It is also the Royal Society for the protection of Birds (RSPCB) annual bird watch survey between the 29th -31st January. We would like you take part in this important event and if you sign up on the link below, you will be sent a free pack so you can identify the birds on your feeder and take pictures of them.


Let’s see how good a photographer you are with your phone, camera, go pro or wildlife cam if you have one. Once you have the pack and start taking photographs send them to me at sandy.mcleod@swiis.com