Swiis Foster Care and the charity we proudly sponsor, The German Shepherd Dog Rescue, South West and Wales, are pleased to announce that the rescued pregnant German Shepherd named Poppy, gave birth to a litter of 7 healthy puppies, in a warm and safe environment shortly after being taken off the streets.

Poppy and her puppies settled in well and were thriving, the only thing that the puppies were missing were their names, so Swiis and GSDR invited our children and young people to get involved and offer name suggestions for each of the puppies.

With 497 amazing suggestions we decided that as the hardworking care takers of the puppies and dogs of GSDR, the charity’s staff members should choose the name of the puppies. Swiis and GSDR are proud to now introduce you to the puppies with their new names…

Shortly after the arrival of Poppy’s puppies, the rescue team at German Shepherd Dog Rescue also found 3 adorable puppies alone on the streets and so quickly took the puppies to the safety of the rescue centre.

The staff at GSDR loved the names that all our children and young people had suggested so they also decided to use some of these suggestions to name the 3 new puppies. All 3 puppies are healthy and settling in well to their new environment, enjoying all the fuss from the team.

Please give a warm welcome to…

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