Self esteem exercises

Plant Love Grow creates support tools and resources to assist parents, teachers and health professionals.

Their self-esteem exercises include:

  • An affirmation journal;
  • Worksheet for helping children to know that they never have to apologise for being themselves;
  • Heart reminders to nurture and love ourselves;
  • Self-love affirmations;
  • “I am proud of myself for” prompts;
  • A gratitude mirror;
  • A positive affirmation cube;
  • Morning/evening affirmations;
  • Affirmations envelope;
  • Body self-love prompts;
  • Affirmation booklets;
  • Self-love blocks;
  • Affirmation bookmarks;
  • Self-love colouring pages;
  • Self-love heart cards; and
  • Love word bursts.
Affirmation bookmarks
Self love cube
Criticism traffic lights

Derbyshire Schools Net has a collection of positive play resources for working with children and young people in order to enable them to come to terms with difficult situations.

Their self esteem worksheets include:

  • Criticism traffic lights;
  • 5 things that make you feel angry;
  • Gifts and abilities;
  • How do you rate yourself;
  • Assertive;
  • How to promote positive thoughts; and
  • Many more.