As the country went into lockdown, pictures of rainbows started to appear in windows after schools closed in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Young people were encouraged to create their own rainbow and display them in their windows to give passers by something positive to look out for while they went to stretch their legs on their daily walk or jog.

Window rainbow
Rainbow templates

Would you like to put your own rainbow in your window? Press the button below to download our blank rainbow, make it pretty with your favourite colours, cut it out, and then stick it to your window with tape so the whole world can see it.

We have also included a coloured rainbow in case you do not have any paints or colouring pencils.

You could also write a nice message in the clouds, like the example below. Maybe you’d like to tell people to ‘Stay Strong’, or perhaps just a message of ‘Hello’ or ‘Happiness’

Stay safe rainbow