It’s so important to hear first hand from someone who has experienced being in care. Opportunities like this help us understand what young people are going through, and remind us that our foster carers do an extraordinary job in turning lives around by creating positive outcomes.

Sharing Stories of Care

As part of the carer support group’s focus on the ‘Nurture’ outcome of the Scottish Government’s SHANARRI wellbeing indicators, our September meeting featured a visit from Who Cares? Scotland – a national voluntary organisation who work with care experienced young people and care leavers.

Swiis foster carer John Maillie has written a few words to describe the powerful effect it had upon him and the group:

“I attended the most recent Dundee carer support group where a member of ‘Who Cares’ was kind enough to share her story of when she was in care.

The talk was delivered in her own style, so I could feel the pain that she was going through. She talked about the feelings of neglect, loneliness and feeling unworthy and unloved.

No child should feel they have nowhere or nobody to turn to for help and support as they grow up.

The raw emotion in her voice as she relived the years of pain and trauma made the talk more real, and the most important thing I took away was to never give up on a child in your care.”

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