We are always looking to give our looked after children opportunities to be active and to enjoy social situations. This is important for both their well-being as well as their development.

Splashing about in canoes!

As part of the Fife team’s summer activity program, we took 11 young people and carers to Lochore Meadows to enjoy a day of fun activities.

The first hour was spent walking round the beautiful loch, as the weather turned out to be sunny and dry. The young people chatted to each other and the staff, and we stopped to play a game before lunch.

Later on, everyone started to get ready for the canoeing by choosing wet suits and life jackets. We were then given a safety briefing by the Lochore staff before the young people chose their canoes, with some of the young people going in a large twin canoe with the two members of staff.

Some of the young people informed us that this was their first time in a canoe, so the staff reassured them. On the water, the young people did well as everyone managed to stay in their canoes (well, for most of the time!). Everyone paddled out to a boat in the middle of the loch, with some children initially getting stuck. However, they soon mastered the art of paddling and joined up with the rest of the group. One of the group decided he wanted to get wet, so he deliberately capsized his canoe. In fact, he liked it so much he did it again!

Near the end of the session, everyone paddled back to the beach area and then went over to the jetty. Everyone decided to jump in to the water – some liked it so much they jumped in several times! Even two of the girls who had initially said they did not want to get their hair wet jumped in. All the young people were smiling and happy despite the cool water in the loch. One of the staff members also jumped in as the young people all asked him to join them in the water.

Everyone enjoyed another fantastic day out and we are looking forward to our next special day out.

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