Ellis & Lou Beardsmore

Wondering how to have open conversations with people about LGBTQ+ topics? Or are you unsure how to support someone who is questioning their identity? Or do you simply want to build your own knowledge and skills in being an LGBTQ+ ally?

Then this is the perfect podcast for you. In a very accessible, relaxed, and informative production, Lou and Ellis guide us through difficult conversations, supportive opportunities and raising awareness for issues faced by LGBTQ+ young people today.

Pride Outside - Learning

Links and Resources Mentioned Within the Podcast

Pride Outside

Website – www.prideoutside.org.uk
Instagram – @Prideoutsidecic
ALOK – YouTube Podcast

Books for Younger Children

Grandad’s Camper: A picture book for children that celebrates LGBTQIA+ families by Harry Woodgate
Celebrate love in all its forms, as Grandad tells his granddaughter about the adventures he used to have with Gramps. A long time ago, Grandad and Gramps spent many happy days travelling the world together in a camper van. But now Gramps isn’t around anymore, Grandad doesn’t feel much like having adventures. As she listens to his wonderful stories, Grandad’s granddaughter has an idea to cheer him up…

The Pirate Mums by Jodie Lancet-Grant, Lydia Corry
Billy’s family is not what you would call ordinary. His mums won’t listen to NORMAL music. They love to sing sea shanties and dance jigs in the lounge. Their clothes are highly unusual, they have a rude parrot for a pet, and their taste in house design is, well . . . FISHY. Billy wishes his family could be more like everyone else’s. Until a swashbuckling adventure changes everything.

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