On Saturday 26th May in Dundee, the Dundee fostering team, foster carers, their families, children and young people went along en masse to celebrate 30 years of Swiis. The Dundee party was the first of a series of parties across Scotland and England to celebrate Swiis turning 30. Dundee Resource Worker, Karyn Brady tells us all about their celebrations for Swiis’ birthday celebrations.

Swiis Dundee 30th Birthday Celebrations



“We were amazed to have such a fantastic turnout for our party, with over 110 people coming along to celebrate Swiis turning 30 years old and join in all the fun we had spent ages planning.

We had a variety of activities planned for everyone to enjoy, which included face painting, beat the goalie, and hunting for treasure. We even had some visits from the Police and Fire Service, who had heard all about Swiis turning 30 and wanted to enjoy the fun and meet everyone.

The highlight of the 30th birthday party for us, was our amazing children and young people, who showed just how talented they are by showcasing some of their arts and crafts. One individual even wowed us with their brilliant magician skills – they were so confident performing in front of people. Those that attended were treated to some lunch and got to tuck into the celebratory birthday cake!

Thank you to all our children, young people and foster carers who were able to make the party and make it so memorable for everyone involved.”

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