Fostering benefits both the looked after child or young person and the family they join. Here’s what our carers had to say about how fostering transforms the lives of everyone involved:

The Fostering Family

“We feel it completes our family and it means the world to us.”

“It gives them a sense of belonging and true family dynamics. It helps them prepare for life’s experiences and how to deal with them.”

“Through trust and good role modelling they begin to feel they can achieve and be a valuable member of the community.”

“Our children love having other children around and they feel they’ve also become their siblings. They notice all the little changes and progress they make and sometimes point it out to us which is very heart-warming to watch and see them bond together. It makes you see how rewarding this role is.”

“Our birth children are learning how others have perhaps been less fortunate than them.”

“We appreciate our own children more, making us realise how lucky we are with our family and the fact that our children have been privileged with the chances they have been given.”

“We knew we were a close family but this has highlighted even more the importance of love, trust and consistency. Our own children have been true superstars in sharing this with others.”

“It gives them normality, safety and a feeling of belonging to a family.”

“I feel that I am in a happier role as I am making a difference to a child.”

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For Foster Care Fortnight 2017 we’re celebrating not only how fostering transforms the lives of young people, but also the amazing foster carers who dedicate their lives to helping them.