In today’s diverse society, parenting takes many forms, and as Mother’s Day approaches Swiis Foster Care is recognising that it is not just ‘Mothers’ who foster. This Friday (8th March 2024) we will shine a light on Swiis foster carers across the country with a gesture of heartfelt appreciation, acknowledging the invaluable contribution they make to young people’s lives by hosting ‘Every Parent’ day across our offices.

Vibrant 30-stem bouquets of beautiful daffodils – a flower that signifies new beginnings – will be presented to Swiis foster carers across Scotland and England. The daffodils were chosen because a new beginning is something that many foster carers offer to the children in their care.

Foster parents are pivotal in providing love, stability, and support to children and young people in care, offering them a safe and nurturing environment to thrive in. Their dedication, compassion and unwavering commitment makes a significant difference to the lives of many children, laying the foundation for brighter futures.

Tim Notchell, our company director and CEO explains:

“As we approach this special day, Swiis Foster Care would like to reflect on the remarkable commitment and compassion of our foster carers, we are immensely grateful every day for their dedication to the children and young people they look after.

Today we would like to extend our sincere thanks and celebrate all foster carers across the UK for helping to improve the life of so many children and young people in care.”


The daffodils were grown on a flower farm in Cornwall and hand-tied into bunches made up with fresh eucalyptus foliage by Cornish florist, Great British Florists. The bouquets will now make their way across Scotland and England to be presented to Swiis foster carers during a ‘Every Parent’ coffee morning ahead of Mother’s Day this Sunday.


Every 10 stems pictured in this field represents one of the 94,596* children requiring care in England and Scotland.

A child in foster care shared the role his foster carer plays in his life:

“I have a nice, kind and caring foster parent.  He buys us lots of clothes and we have loads of stuff now.  He makes me and my brother feel part of the family and he does the best food! I am now learning to cook like him.  If I ever need anything he is always there for me!”

Swiis Foster Care remains committed in providing the support, training, and guidance to ensure our foster carers are equipped for the role of fostering and of ensuring the outcomes for the children in our care remain outstanding.

Last year we were able to source loving homes for a significant number of children, yet each year the number of children needing support, love and care of a foster parent grows. With 43,000 foster households currently in England there is a growing deficit of foster carers. Driven by the need for more foster carers across the UK, Swiis Foster Care are committed to recruiting greater number of foster carers who will be appropriately trained and supported to excel in their new fostering career.

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