We met at The Forge Community Centre in Cumbernauld. Lots of fun was had exploring team games and fun activities. We learned about choosing teams and how to do it fairly! We played various games in teams, from sheep and shepherd where people where blindfolded (the sheep) and the ‘shepherd’ had to guide them into areas of the room without speaking to them or touching them – very challenging, but everyone managed to come up with novel ways of doing it!

They then had the opportunity to make up their own game in teams and demonstrated these to others. The activity that everyone loved was Marshmallow/spaghetti towers! In teams of 2 they had to make the highest tower using just marshmallows and spaghetti! They had 3 minutes and the tallest one standing at the end was the winner! (A lot of marshmallow eating followed!!)

The day was very successful and everyone completed the course and gained their award!

R G – Playmaker,

A R – Playmaker outstanding contribution,

C R – Playmaker outstanding contribution,

G M – Playmaker outstanding contribution,

D McK S – Playmaker,

M D – Playmaker,

L D – Playmaker,

A McC – Playmaker outstanding contribution

E McC – Playmaker!


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